Sublimation creates new studio in Sendai and is hiring

Sublimation creates new studio in Sendai and is hiring

Sublimation, a CG animation studio in Japan, will open a new studio in Aoba-ku Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture on May 9, 2022. This opening would be its fourth studio outside of its offices in Tokyo, Kunitachi and the two in Nagoya (Kanayama and Shiogamaguchi). Sublimation has opened this studio in response to the increasing demand in modeling. 

Sublimation was established back in 2011 by former staff from the CG department of Production IG. From 2018, Sublimation built an alliance with Sunrise, and in 2019 partnered with Netflix. The studio is actively building networks in the industry. 

The studio is looking to offer a modeler training program and is utilising a possible internship program in Nagoya at Sendai Studio. Co-currently, Sublimation is looking to hire new graduates.

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Source: Animation Business Journal 

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