Toei Animation Program

Toei Animation Program

Animator Training Program Established by Toei Animation

Toei Animation announced on Wednesday that the company is creating an Animator Training Program called "Toei Animation Sakuga Academy", which would commence in April 2023. This program is to help create high-quality animators in response to the growing expansion of global animation.

The Animator Training Program seeks to have established and experienced animators mentor and guide potential trainees in hope that successful candidates would be hired with contracts.

The program would have 3 months worth of video training in which the trainees would be screened and split to either a drawing course or video course based on the strengths and aspiration(s) of the trainee.

A 9 month animation or digital course would commence after determining the aspirations of trainees.

Recruitment is open and Toei Animation would accept 10 students. Toei Animation would handle the tuition fee and pay selected candidates 150,000 yen ($1,146.19 USD or £914.24 GBP, the currency rates as of this blog) per month.

Who are the participating members?

The program director is:

Atsutoshi Umezawa:(One Piece,Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F',Sailor Moon Crystal,Digimon Tamers)

The lecturers for the program are from Toei Animation and Studio Live:

Takeo Ide: Dragon Ball Z (animation director), Doctor Slump (animation director), One Piece (animation director), and Super Dragon Ball Heroes (animation director)

Hiroshi Kōjina: Kōjina are City Hunter ’91 (character design, animation director), Adventure Yuuki Plaster World (character design, animation director), Fang- KIBA- (Director), HUNTER x HUNTER (Director), and Mashin Hero Wataru -The Ryujin Maru of the Seven Souls- (Director)

Nishiki Itaoka:  Throb! After “Pretty Cure” it is also noted in BANK’s drawing. and Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Leap A Mysterious Day with Everyone (Animation Director, Character Design).

Mai Ishii: HUNTER x HUNTER (Animation director, original drawing ), Ushiotora (animation director, original drawing), Back Arrow (animation director, original drawing),

Mayuko Nakano:  Mayuko Nakano are WWW.WORKING!! (Character Design, Animation Director), Inazuma Eleven Ares Balance / Orion Engraving (Character Design, Animation Director), and Vampire Immediately Die (Character Design, Animation Director).

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Toei Animation Program 

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