5 Different Ways to Style the Mamianqun

5 Different Ways to Style the Mamianqun

The mamianqun (马面裙), also known as the “horseface skirt”, has seen many style evolutions throughout the dynasties. From the Song Dynasty right through to the Qing Dynasty, there have been design changes reflecting each dynasty’s social and economic conditions. 

In todays modern era, the mamianqun has become a frequent sighting on the streets of China. With street style filming almost becoming an everyday occurrence, especially around the popular area of Chengdu, mamian skirts have increasingly become popular among influencers and enthusiasts around the world. Many designers have gotten ahold of this trend by designing modern twists of the skirt. With this popularity growing day by day, we are going to explore 5 different mamianqun outfit ideas for the modern woman. 

1. The Traditional Modern Woman

The Traditional Modern Woman is the combination of the mamianqun with a modern version of a mandarin collar shirt, standing collar shirt, shirt/blouse with han elements.

 Black Modern Hanfu Top with Mamianqun Skirt Ming Dynasty


The traditional modern woman is great for those who want to take advantage of modernised traditional elements. This attire is good for work and special events/occasions.


2. The Half Traditional Woman

Another great combination is the mamianqun with a modern shirt, blouse or top.


Combining the mamian skirt with a shirt or blouse would always be a go-to smart classic look. Achieving this look for either work, graduation, dinner etc will give the outfit a mixture of history with a modern twist. 

Now you would ask, what is the difference between the traditional modern woman and the half traditional woman. The difference all lies with the upper wear i.e the shirt or blouse. In the traditional modern woman we are taking, reimagining or reconstructing the traditional elements to suit and fit the modern day woman. Whereas the half traditional woman consists of upper wear that may not have existed in the time periods of the mamianqun. 

The half traditional woman is good for dinner, work, graduations etc.


3. The Full Modern Woman

The full modern woman is the pairing of a mid-calf or above the knee mamianqun with either a modern shirt, blouse or t-shirt.


What makes this the full modern woman (besides the upper wear) is the length of the mamianqun. As you may have noticed, the length of the mamianqun during the different dynasties were rarely shorter than above the ankle. In comparison to today's designs, the mamianqun can be appear in various lengths of either:

a. Below the ankle (standard length)

b. Mid-calf

c. Above the knees.

The full modern woman is great for special events, smart wear and casual or daily wear.


4. The Formal Woman (Party, Dinner etc)

The mamianqun is a versatile skirt and can be worn either for formal day or evening events such as graduation or dinners. The appropriateness of the mamian skirt can depend on the length, colour and design. For example a long black mamianqun with gold designs and a formal blouse can be the best match for an evening dinner but not for a day birthday party. Dressing for the occasion is extremely important.


However, if you would like to wear a mamianqun for a day event such as graduation, a simple combination of the mamianqun and a simple shirt would suffice for the day.


5. Daily Wear

The daily wear can be a mamianqun combined with a simple t-shirt or casual top. It is perfect for those who love wearing skirts but also enjoy tradition in the modern day. The beautiful thing about this particular combo is the ability to be able to combine with trainers, boots, flats or any causal shoes of your choice.

The daily wear is great go-to for everyday life.

As you can see, there are many places that one can wear the mamianqun, it all depends on the purpose, occasion and event. The mamian skirt has so much versatility and one can easily match the skirt to their taste and outing.

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