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Our goal is to help Inkyo customers share their passion for the products on and our mission — to accelerate the world’s transition to slow fashion with the reduction to textile waste and pollution.

Referral Discounts

Through Inkyo’s referral program, you can earn exclusive benefits by referring other first-time customers and by continuing to purchase products from Inkyo.  The referral program is subject to these Terms and Conditions (please see below), including a cap, and can change at any time and without notice.

You can earn referral discounts by having friends or family use your referral link when they purchase their first product from Inkyo. You will not receive referral discounts for referring existing Inkyo customers for purchases. 

To be eligible to receive referral  discounts, you must have either, whichever comes first, an Inkyo account or purchased at least once from website. 

Note: Referrals cannot be applied retroactively, so make sure your friends place their orders using your referral link. Available offers and benefits are subject to change at any time without notice.

Refer a Friend

Share your referral link with your friends and family directly from Inkyo’s website. After your friend makes a purchase, you will receive a referral discount.

To refer a friend:

1. Open website.

2. Select ‘Refer a Friend’ link located in the footer.

3. Enter your email and friend’s email address.  

4. Tap ‘Share via email.’

5. You can also share referral link via text or other social media. 

6. After your friend places an order, you can place an order with the discount provided.

Place an Order

When you purchase a product from Inkyo through a referral link, your friend will receive a referral discount. The referral cannot be added after the order is placed. Benefits are determined by the date of the qualifying order.

To purchase with a referral link:

1. Visit your friend’s referral link.

2. Choose a product of your choice from the referral link.

3. Whilst placing order, you can copy the referral discount to the checkout.

Explore the Referral Program

Information about Inkyo’s referral program and your referral activity are available on the 'Refer a Friend' page.

  • Qualifying Products for the Referral Program
    All the products on Inkyo’s website qualify for the referral program.
  • Referral History
    To view your friends you have referred, please go directly to the ‘Refer a Friend’ page on Inkyo’s website. You can also view the status of your referral.
  • Expiration Dates
    Referral discounts expire 6 months from their respective grant dates.

Terms and Conditions

Effective 27 February 2024

By participating in Inkyo’s referral program, you are agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and understand that they are subject to change. Inkyo customers must be at least 18 years old to be eligible for discounts, which are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Inkyo customers can refer up to an unlimited amount of referrals per calendar year and the purchase must be placed using the customer’s referral link. Discounts must be redeemed within 6 months of their Grant Date, or they will expire. Referral discounts cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes or sale items.  A minimum purchase of £40/$50 (or any currency equivalent) is required for the referral discount to be used.

All referral discount redemptions are final - no returns or exchanges are accepted. Referral discounts can only be redeemed for designated benefits on the Inkyo website, which are subject to availability and may differ by region and product type. Referral discounts cannot be redeemed or applied to any other Inkyo service. Referral discounts cannot be applied retroactively or to benefits that are no longer available for redemption. The customer is responsible for all taxes and local requirements and fees. Nothing in the referral program shall be deemed to create any kind of relationship between the referrer and Inkyo or any of Inkyo’s Affiliates. The referrer has no authority to represent or bind Inkyo. This program and its benefits are conditional on and subject to the local laws and regulations of the registration or installation address of the referrer and buyer, respectively. When you purchase a product through website using a referral link provided by an existing Inkyo customer, the referring existing Inkyo customer will receive a Referral Discount pursuant to the terms of the Inkyo Referral program, and by proceeding with your purchase you acknowledge and agree that Inkyo may provide the referrer with Referral Discount if you purchase using their referral link. When you purchase a qualifying Inkyo product through a referral link, you may receive an award and the referrer may receive Referral Discounts pursuant to the terms of the Inkyo Referral program, and by proceeding with your purchase you acknowledge that Inkyo may provide the referrer with Referral Discount if you complete your purchase using their referral link.

We introduce programs such as these in good faith and expect the same good faith in return. The intent of this program is to reward loyal Inkyo customers for sharing their passion for products on with their friends and family. To be clear, paid advertising, selling or paying or offering incentives for use of referral links is not appropriate, and we will not honour referral links associated with behaviour that violates these Terms and Conditions. Customers who have violated any Inkyo policy are disqualified from this program. Additionally, we reserve the right to withhold benefits where we believe customers are acting in bad faith or otherwise acting contrary to the intent of this program. Inkyo’s referral program will not remain open indefinitely. If discounts are not used during the timeframe of the program at no fault of Inkyo’s, we reserve the right to cancel the discounts once the program ends. We cannot cover every nefarious scenario, nor will we attempt to, but we do promise to be fair and reasonable. If you disagree with us, it will be your responsibility to show us that you have not violated any Inkyo  policies or these Terms and Conditions.